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Are we starting to see the benefits of the Geelong Bypass?

Michael Coutts
Extremely strong activity in recent weeks has agents talking about the ‘good old days’.
Just this week our agency has received offers from three parties on the one property which has only been on the market for around a week. The end result to the vendor being a sale well above the asking price. Clear evidence of the strength of … Continue Reading »

Market going swimmingly well

Michael Coutts

An unbelievable amount of property was appraised this week in Lorne and the surrounding hamlets (e.g. Sep Creek, Wye, Kennett, Deans Marsh, Birre). Many listings will be posted on our website over the next month so stay tuned.

Most listings will be marketed through our usual mediums but others we will simply receive formal instruction and place with our established … Continue Reading »

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Michael Coutts

You should see … Continue Reading »

Lorne is only getting better

As you read this post the new hot mix tarmac of Lorne’s multi million dollar streetscape will be all but complete and the end clearly in sight – hooray! Not only does it look great but you can now get here quicker thanks to the recently opened Geelong Ring Road.

With Melbourne’s best view in my rear vision mirror from beneath the Australian flag on top of the Westgate Bridge, I … Continue Reading »

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The siren of the … Continue Reading »