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Our Backyard – Lorne

‘Lorne – Market Round up’. Interest rates continue to be a major topic of discussion ever since the RBA slashed the cash rate two weeks ago by 50 basis points and the Big 4 banks passed on only 37 basis points (on average). Today mor

Daily reports from Lorne and you can take your pick as to whether you want to stay up to date with the latest coastal real … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard Lorne

‘Lorne – Market Round up’. According to R.P Data – Rismark Home value index results show that property values fell throughout the month of April reversing the trend of recent months.
Capital city home values fell by 0.8% in April 2012 and are currently below their historic highs in each capital city. Broadly capital city home values have fallen by 6.1% since peaking in October 2010, the results are quite different … Continue Reading »