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Our Backyard – Lorne

‘Lorne – Market Round up’.
According to recently
increase by 2.8% to over 8.2 million and nights stayed increased 11.3% to 8.9 million. Yes the leisure market has been tough over the past couple of years but with the ever increasing popularity of our area, change is imminent.
A couple of good results in town of the past week with a Charles Street property selling for just under $1.5million, the second … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard Lorne

‘Lorne – Market Round up’. The biggest news of the week is the Reserve Bank of Australia (R.B.A) announcing on Tuesday that the official interest rates were cut 25 basis points to 3%. Interest rates are now at their lowest rates since the Global Fin

in the upper half)
Lorne’s median house price at June 30 2011 was $928,500 but has fallen 13% to $810,000 as of June 30 2012.
This … Continue Reading »