Jo King’s 3 Top Coastal Runs/Walks

The coastal region is famous for it’s sun and surf. But there are a whole network of trails and tracks to lose yourself in. Before you think that it’s a surfers world down here its time to hit the trail and get immersed in amazing coastal landscape. Jo King, 2 time World Champion triathlete shares her three favorite runs/walks along the coast.

I have lived and trained in some amazing places around the world but my all time favourite run/walk is the Bells Track. This 10km return trip can begin at Torquay Surf Club and takes you on a gravel track along the clifftops of Torquay and Jan Juc all the way to Bell’s Beach. The track is uninterrupted from houses or roads and it’s undulations make it an honest 10km. If you’re after some more challenges, take all the exits/stairs down to all the surf points dotted along the track. (Winki Pop and Boobs stairs are very challenging).

Number 2 on the list would include 7km (14km return) of the Surf Coast Walk. This run/walk starts at Anglesea Caravan Park and again takes you along the cliff tops to Point Addis. This track is not as undulating as the Bells Track but does have some steeper and longer hills. There is a section of soft sand that can be a little challenging when the tide is in.

Number 3 would have to encompass all of Lorne’s amazing walks/runs. This place has everything from waterfalls, to gigantic eucalyptus trees and tree ferns, to hills so steep it’s a challenge to walk up. A highlight would be the St Georges Riverwalk 5.4km return trip. This will be a sensory overload!

Well there you have it. Make sure you always tell friends and family where you are going, keep well hydrated and enjoy this magic part of the world!

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