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Anglesea is one of the surf coast’s best kept secrets. Where the sprawl from Geelong begins and lengthens the town of Anglesea is largely immune from the developments and still retains an older town feel to it. The biggest appeal is the restricted growth of the town as its land locked by national park. People love the bush and ocean combination. Anglesea has a wide variety of shops, parks and accommodation for those wanting to take away their own slice of the West Coast.

Best surf located:

There are two main points to surf in Anglesea. Beginners prefer to head to main beach where it is patrolled during the peak season. The wave is a generally a good one for those thing their first steps towards Kelly Slater greatness!

The second spot is around the corner from main beach at Point Roadknight. Roadknight is a point break offering surfers long rides and the option of walking back up the beach to join the line up rather than a lengthy paddle. For the more experienced surfer, you can’t go past Guvvos or Urquhart Bluff

Local tip.

The Anglesea Motor Yacht Club – The Rusty Anchor Bar. The ol Rusty Anchor Bar must be THE hidden tip for Anglesea. Yes the Anglesea pub and numerous amazing eating places are great but the Rusty Anchor has a legendary reputation for a fun afternoon drink while looking at the beautiful Point Roadknight Ocean. Filled with local colour, the Rusty Anchor is a must on the list of Summer meeting spots, it launches on Boxing Day and open to the public from 5-8pm every day during summer and then weekends through to Easter. We also recommend Captain Moonlite for a dinner and an amazing view of the stunning Anglesea Foreshore, you will need to book to get in as demand is high over the peak times.

Real Estate

In terms of Real Estate the market is strong with buyer demand and plenty of activity every weekend in the form of opens, rentals and always fun holiday letting.

Median House price of $840,000


Anglesea Primary School is a contemporary learning space that encourages “up to date” teaching and learning practices. The school’s emblem is a surfing kangaroo!

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