Are we starting to see the benefits of the Geelong Bypass?

Michael Coutts

Extremely strong activity in recent weeks has agents talking about the ‘good old days’.

Just this week our agency has received offers from three parties on the one property which has only been on the market for around a week. The end result to the vendor being a sale well above the asking price. Clear evidence of the strength of the market.

In another case this week, we have sold a 1.5 acre block within 1% of the asking price before the property reached the market, after being sold off our database to an interested party.

All this is more evidence of the bounce-back our market is experiencing. Limited stock will be our problem over the coming weeks as we try and keep up with almost frantic buyer demand.

With buyer confidence on the way back up and a track record of high end transactions our agency offers the top end of the market, unsurpassed service and recorded achievements. Listed below are the top 5 record sales of each town along the coast:
1. $2.85M – Wongarra
2. $2.4M – Moonlight Head
3. $2.2M – Marengo
4. $1.8M – Skenes Creek
5. $1.145M – Marengo
1. $3.65M – Smith Street
2. $2.9M – Mountjoy Parade
3. $2.86M – Ocean Road South
4. $2M – Mountjoy Parade
5. $1.95M – Hall Street
1. $2.67M – Banool Road, Fairhaven
2. $2.1M – Banool Road, Fairhaven
3. $1.9M – Great Ocean Road, Eastern View
4. $1.7M – Banool Road, Fairhaven
5. $1.45M – Great Ocean Road, Eastern View

The key to the agency’s success is that we get inside the heart of the owner as to why they love their properties and where their favourite spots are. Also, having a long and established reputation and links with the right connections, clubs and associations and our ongoing support of charity, leaves us with the right people and connections to place the property to the market through a long relationship building foundation.

Steve Ryan Photography