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General market update:

I’m sure you have followed my optimism over recent months with where the Lorne property market sits and how it is influenced by what happens in the blue moon Melbourne residential markets. Well to update you I can confirm that according to R.P data Melbourne’s residential have prices continue to gather momentum.The year to date records confirms that Melbourne has experienced on 8.4% increase in residential property values and 9.2% inclusive of the past twelve months. These signs all go well for the coastal lifestyle markets that are so dependent on the end of traditional real estate markets.

Lorne property market update:

Off the back of last week’s successes it’s great to be able to report that our market has remained active irrespective of whether you are a buyer or a seller.
For those who are lucky to sell the period in front of us is historically the must active time in our market window where through time we have written 63% of our annual turnover in the six months November and earlier. If you are looking to transport through this time then your strategy should be put into place now. Our market has completed its re-alignment and those who adjust are seeing result as lifestyle byers

Your memo have a look at this:

There are only a “select few” penthouse apartments in Lorne and there is an upcoming unique opportunity where two of these will be offered for the first time to the public. Apartment 17 and 18 at the Point Grey development will both be auctioned on the 22nd November.

Quote of the week:

“Give more than you take. The market place rewards generosity”

Gradually begin to spend again:

A great time to get back to Lorne as the weather warms and the town comes to life. Today our town is hosting the Emirates Melbourne Cup which will be sitting on the Swinging Bridge at lunch time and then at the Lorne Angling and aquatic Club from 5pm till 6pm.


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