Is there a best time to sell your property?

Traditionally, the Spring season has been the recommended time of the year to list your home for sale. Gardens are blooming and thriving with greenery, but also buyers have Christmas in their sights, and looking to confirm plans. Similarly, as Autumn rolls in and families have settled back into school and work after the summer holidays, buyers can start to put their plans in place and start the new home hunt.

Now that most home marketing campaigns are conducted on line, the reliance on the ‘right’ selling season has less of an impact. If you are looking to put your home on the market, here are a few ideas on timing to consider.

Suit the seller

Sometimes it is just unavoidable as to what time of year you choose. If you have already purchased another home, or your newly built home is nearing completion, or perhaps you have a wedding on the calendar or a baby arrival, sometimes you may need to work around life events.

Check the stock

While, Spring will still be a busy real estate period by default, this can also mean buyers are empowered with choice. Choosing a time with less properties on the market can mean the seller holds a greater negotiating power which can influence a keen buyer.

What else is happening

Depending on the location of your property for sale, you may look to choose a time that will attract the most interest, i.e. if the home is in a coastal suburb or a tourist destination, it is likely to have more street side appeal than in the non-busy times. Similarly, sporting events, religious celebrations and political movements, all can impact the decision.

Presenting across seasons

It’s important to note that your home presentation strategy can be impacted by the time of year you choose. If you choose to list your home in winter, you should ensure your home feels warm and inviting, but also maximise any northern winter sun opportunities. While selling in Summer can mean making sure the home feels cool, but without making it look like it is expensive to do so.

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