Moving with Pets

We all know that moving is a day no one enjoys. It’s a two-sided affair. From the excitement of starting something new to the dreaded moving of all those boxes moving day is not an easy one. And, just like we humans have to adjust, so too do our four-legged friends.

Here’s our 5 top tips for moving your pets.

Keep your pets away from moving parts. When moving day occurs there is a lot of activity. Box laden movers, family members and neighbours all contribute to the maelstrom of a house in flux. Dogs and cats under foot are a recipe for an accident. Open doors and a million other stresses too can keep your mind off your best four-legged friend and may lead to a disappearing act.  Keep your pets safely secure in the move process so that everyone can move freely without being interrupted, tripped or injured.

Acclimatise your pets. When you do get your pet to their new home make sure they have some much needed ‘sniff time’. Dogs especially sit in this category (and to the next point below) as every backyard and new place has its own set of smells and differences. Make sure to include and use older beds and blankets etc so that there are some familiar smells for them to have. Check weather too as a new dog in a new backyard when there are thunderstorms and rain etc might not have a great effect on them.

Secure your yard. Dogs especially are escape artists and a new property presents a new set of problems for each dog owner. Check fence lines and heights, so that there is no way for your best four-legged mate to escape. They will look for ways if they are left alone. It may help to think like a dog! Look for any place that they could wriggle out of especially if they are a smaller animal.

Update their information. Micro Chip information and new council registrations are a must for anyone moving pets. The best form of protection for any runaway is to have their information updated so you can be contacted in the event they get picked up. It is generally pretty straight forward and easy to get this changed and can be done online.  Make sure too that all your pets have their information on a collar tag as a friendly neighbour may just be your pets saviour.

One room at a time. When moving with a cat try to get them used to one room at a time. This will depend on each cat’s temperament. Some cats are bold and will wander around like they own the place but others will need a longer period of adjustment. The one room at a time theory allows your cat to get used to its new surrounds gradually.

Common sense prevails when moving with animals. It can be as stressful for them as it is for you!

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