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Hard to believe that the official start of summer is only two weeks away and with it comes the need to be prepared on so many different fronts – none more so than the fire front! On Tuesday the 27th of November the Community Based Bushfire Management Group are hosting a bushfire awareness event at the Lorne CFA/ Emergency Services hub from 5:30pm. This based community based event will have attendee’s participate in a Bushfire scenario with the Bushfire Simulation Table and everyone is encouraged to attend.

We have also just received notice here in Lorne that the official fire restriction period for the Surfcoast Shire will commence at 0100 hours, Monday 26th of November – meaning that for those of you in the Lorne township boundary, that the last time that you will be permitted to burn will be Saturday November 24th.


A quieter week in the property market following a very active spring campaign over the past two and a half months, but that’s to be expected. One of the clear trends that we have experienced over the years is that our weekends before and after our long weekends tend to be quieter than the norm – and last weekend was so typical of just that!

That said we were able to contract two transactions with one in Wye River and a second at full price on Ocean Road South here in Lorne. The latter was the stand out having only been on the market for two weeks. The two bedroom clinker brick cottage was the former home to Bill Brooke, a local boat builder of a bygone era. The ocean front property with approved plans and permits didn’t last long on the market as the location and beach frontage was the incentive to secure.

This very sale was another great example of our commentary last week on the “pool of buyers” that are actively searching the Lorne market and ready to buy the moment their criteria is met – a great result all round!


Saturday 17 November

12 – 12:30  10/3-9 Armytage Street, Lorne


Amazing that two weeks ago many described the vibrant glow that was created in the evening under light was an extravaganza of nature caused by the Noctiluca Scintillans. It was described as a once in a lifetime phenomenon. But two weeks later it returned. Where else but Lorne!


“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough”.

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