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Every now and then we are exposed to a transaction that is a little different and out of left field and this years story eclipses all past experiences by a long way! Having shown a prospective purchaser one of our prestige homes, it was soon to be revealed how the purchase was being made as a Christmas present for his wife. Having completed a complex negotiation that facilitated placing the property seller into holiday rental accommodation for the planned holidays of his extended family and facilitating a very short-term settlement, the plan was only just unfolding.

With the contract signed by all parties and tastefully wrapped and placed beneath the Christmas tree, the challenge of how to present a “sneak peak” was about to unfold. Having concocted a story that the owners urgently required the residence where our new purchasers were currently holidaying, to enable the new owners to have a week in their new residence before returning to the big smoke, provided the ability to show the lucky new owner was on the guise of the new purchase being the “substitute” rental property for the last week of their Lorne stay. With everything going to script, or so we thought, the hassle of having to move holiday houses, over rode the unknown of a brand new home for Christmas. A sleepless Christmas Eve night from the husband was all put to rest at the exciting opening of that very special envelope!


In the final week leading up to Christmas, we were well poised to complete an uncharacteristically strong number of sales and its fair to say that Santa was kind with six transactions being contracted in the final week before Christmas. Just goes to show that in the life of an estate agent you never know when opportunities are going to present and you just need to ensure you have systems and processes in place to be contactable and available to deal at any time of the day and any day of the year – even Christmas Eve!

Two apartments in the “Wonganuk” building have now been transacted, as has a vacant allotment in George Street that changed hands only 12 months earlier. Add to that the prestige home in George Street, a front row Waterfront apartment and the old Deans Marsh church. The signs for January are looking brighter than the media overview of the real estate market – but then again the Lorne market is so different to your mainstream residential property market.


Saturday 29th December

12 – 12:30  10/3-9 Armytage Street, Lorne

Sunday 30th December

1 – 1:30   Cumberland Lorne


The pink plankton that only a month ago was described as a once in a lifetime appearance has appeared on multitude occasions ever since and Boxing Day was the biggest display yet!


“A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot”.

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