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Happy New Year! I hope your next 12 months is a great one for you and there’s no better time to complete those successful foundations than right now. With my 12-month diary “locked and loaded” I’m happy to share that my very first entries are “my time”. Family, health and holidays come first and they are as always, the first entries in my annual planner. I am a firm believer that the decisions you’ll make in the first month of 2019 will completely set the stage for the entire year, and I hope they’re all good ones.

Its been such a great start to 2019 on the weather front and town has been bursting at the seams and a vibe and atmosphere equal to any of recent times. An integral part of this intense beginning to 2019 is the Lorne Surf Club Nipper program that has in excess of 400 children in all their age groups learning skills and safety initiatives as promoted by Life Saving Victoria. Great Ocean Road Real Estate is proud to contribute its major sponsorship of this great program!



Off the back of the busy lead up to Christmas the “festive week” certainly put a slowing to real estate enquiry albeit was very evident that limited enquiry were well qualified and looking to transact with one negotiation being completed on New Years Eve day and solid enquiry keeping us busy. It probably comes as no surprise when I look to share with you that January has statistically through the years been our largest transactional month for the year. Many have commented how they would have thought October and November to lead the “turnover charge” enabling buyers to be in for Christmas. The reasons really are quite simple as our business is like a numbers game. “The more people we can deal with, the more deals we are likely to achieve”. Not only does January have the greatest movement of people, but it’s a period when the “buzz and vibe” of Lorne is at its most vibrant and people just love it! – and why wouldn’t they?


Saturday 5th January

12 – 12:30  10/3-9 Armytage Street, Lorne

Sunday 6th January

1 – 1:30   Cumberland Lorne


This year marks the 15th anniversary of Great Ocean Road Real Estate involvement of the Lorne Surf Club Nipper program.


“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen”.

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