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This weekend Lorne plays host to the 39th annual Pier to Pub swim, an amazing achievement over so many years following the the inaugural event that saw only 200 swimmers hit the water. The 1.2 kilometre event set on the most picturesque ocean swim course in the world will see Lorne with standing room only this weekend. Add this Fridays Mountain to Surf run and its no wonder this weekend sees the largest weekend population of any throughout the year, and moving around town can be a frustrating process. For those coming from out of town make sure you come in the “back way” i.e. through Deans Marsh, as this will ensure you will miss the bottle necks at Anglesea, the slow Ocean Road traffic and will also give you priority at Lorne’s Great Ocean Road/Deans Marsh Road roundabout. Once you are in Lorne, all in all it’s a good weekend to let your car have a holiday and jump aboard “Shank’s Pony” – google it if your struggling!


As the festive mood begins to fade, champagne glasses near empty and the last of the ham and turkey disappear, life in Lorne slowly returns to a more regular holiday summer pattern and the coastal real estate market starts to come alive again. Real Estate in Lorne started well with the contracted sale of the apartment in the Grand Pacific selling for full price and enquiry levels beginning to build. This year, like no other of the past 10, we have an amazing offering of a selection of some of the most spectacular coastal homes on the Victorian Coastline. Lorne’s record home price which was set back in 2010 is well and truly under threat with two prestige properties in Smith Street poised to secure pole position. When you reflect on the record numbers of years ago and the amazing Melbourne property price growth (until recently), these top end Lorne residences offer such great buying opportunities that I’m sure will be looked back upon so enviously in years to come!


Did you know that GMHBA Pier to Pub swim is the largest open water swim in the world?


“Doing a common thing uncommonly well brings success”.

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