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Happy Australia Day long weekend and what a beauty its going to be with temperatures forecast in the mid twenties and Lorne absolutely firing on all cylinders. In what is historically one of the biggest weekends outside of the Pier to Pub weekend, it’s a great opportunity to “round off” January before settling back into the more mainstream work patterns. In what a number of our traders are describing as their most productive January in many years, this weekend is guaranteed to be a bumper to cap off the month. Our local beaches have been a sea of colour and for many standing room only and the main street of Lorne taking on a very continental flavour with a large influx of international visitors. Many are saying the town has never looked better and those who have been lucky enough to be down here over the past month, I am certain leave with the dream of one day owning a property on the coast.


With all the hype around the summer weather and the vibe of Lorne you would expect the real estate market to be as hot as todays weather forecast! And as much as I would love to be spruiking just that unfortunately I can’t. On the real estate front this has been our slowest start to any New Year period of the last ten and we are at a loss to explain why. Is it the ‘ripple effect’ starting to come our way from the Melbourne market, is it a summer that has kept our buyers glued to their beach chairs, is it all the negative publicity that is being pumped across media downplaying everything that is real estate, or is it the changed landscape when it comes to the banking sector or maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. Whatever the reason, I hold a firm belief the Australian economy is in fairly good shape and there are still a number of hardworking people doing very well for themselves, that when the dust settles are going to look to fulfil their dreams and secure a lifestyle property.

Lorne has never represented such good value having experienced some solid growth through the past 2 ½ years but lagging behind Melbourne for the previous five, reinforcing the value that is on offer in our market today.


Saturday 26th January

11 – 11:30 18 Dorman Street, Lorne

11 – 11:30 36 Aurel Road, Deans Marsh

12 – 12:30 55 Parkers Road, Deans Marsh

1 – 1:30 5 Alsop Street, Lorne

2 – 2:30 10 Skyline Court, Lorne

Sunday 27th January

11 – 11:30  30A-32 William Street, Lorne

12 – 12:30 10/3-9 Armytage Street, Lorne

1 – 1:30 Cumberland Lorne

Monday 28th January

11 – 11:30  30A-32 William Street, Lorne


Hardly a secret, but you can believe it – the end of the 2019 is less than a week away!


“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough”.


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