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The countdown to the end of summer is well and truly underway as we enter the final week of what has been one of the very best. This weekend in town the Victorian Junior Surf Life Saving Championships will see in excess of 1500 competitors plus extended family and friends descend into town for a huge week of competition and fun. The two-day event features individual competition on Saturday and team events on the Sunday. Up for grabs will be medals and bragging rights that go with being the best in the state. Add to this a couple of weddings, a conference, a private function at the Lorne Hotel and a brilliant weather forecast, Lorne will be alive and jumping as it has all summer in what will be a fitting end!


If the local property market had performed as well as the summer, we would all be jumping for joy – but not to be! But like all markets, they can’t always be up and Lorne has experienced a great run over the past three years where real estate values have seen their strongest forward movement of the last decade. What has been surprising has been the speed at which the ‘market turned off’.

As we neared the end of December and the market still buoyant, we were all looking forward to a bumper January/February selling period – but not to be. Its always a challenge to explain why but here’s my take –

  1. In 2015 “Millennials” had seen huge growth in the equity of their property, banks were freely lending and consumer confidence was high.

Wind the clock forward…

  1. January 2019 – The Banking Royal Commission turned the finance landscape on its head and all of a sudden loan approval across all four major banks, we are seeing just over 40% being unsuccessful.
  2. Melbourne house prices and equity were under pressure and all of a sudden luxury and lifestyle items going off the shopping list.
  3. Media coverage of anticipated depreciating home prices appearing on a daily basis and its no wonder confidence is low.

BUT as we all know there is no better place than Lorne and our market will return!


Saturday 23rd February

11-11:30 18 Dorman Street, Lorne

11:30-12  30A-32 William Street, Lorne

12-12:30 6 Pennyroyal-Valley Road, Deans Marsh

1-1:45  2/14 Summerhills Avenue, Lorne

Sunday 24th February

11-11:30  36 Aurel Road, Deans Marsh

12-12:30  55 Parkers Road, Deans Marsh


The Lorne Aquatic and Angling Club has secured the naming rights of “The World’s Best Sausage Roll” and will be launching the inaugural competition on the June Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Check out the details on their Facebook page.


“A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all”.

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