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The first week of school holidays has been a combination of swell, reasonable visitor numbers, smoke and activity on many fronts. Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMV) have continued their planned burns around Lorne with minimal impact on town and in my view is far outweighed by the benefits gained in preparation for the next fire season. FFMV have indicated that all burns will be complete by the weekend and traffic flows back to normal.

The Lorne Surf Club in great community partnership with the Gunbalanya people from Arnhem Land are hosting their young guests for five days whilst they are taught about life saving and enjoy a plethora of activities and experiences with the Lorne Surf Club and their young leaders – a fantastic initiative.


The biggest news in our sales department this financial year has not been about sales, but the people within it. It is with great pleasure that I share with you that Tyrone is now the very proud father of a beautiful baby boy. Ty’s lovely partner Ruth gave birth late on Wednesday and early reports are that both mother and son are doing very well, but Ty struggling to cope with the early rigors of fatherhood. To paint a picture allow me to share with you that I was exposed to a classic video prior to the birth that revealed Ty sucking in as much nitrous oxide as he managed his pain and excitement – all of this while Ruth worked through her contractions as the birth drew nearer. Congratulations to Ty and Ruth.

On the real estate front, we continue to work with buyers and sellers and the most time-consuming part of our task is re-educating both parties as to the recent and quick changes to the market that need to be understood and implemented in the process of planning to buy or sell.With a couple of good negotiations on the table deals are still being done and real estate enquiries solid for properties that are priced appropriately.


Saturday 13th April

11 – 11:30  3/11 Staughton Ave, Lorne

12 – 12:30 18 Dorman Street, Lorne

Sunday 14th April

11 – 11:30 45 Charles Street, Lorne


The Lorne Surf Club is performing brilliantly on both on and off the beach. In the competition arena and following the recent Australian Championships sit in fourth position based on year end national rankings across all divisions


“Decide that you want it more, than you are afraid of it”.

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