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Whales ahoy! You know July is nearly upon us when you have your first whale sightings for 2019 but this year is different – we didn’t have one whale, we had two! The spectacular sighting of the pair of Southern Right whales had the whole of town talking as the large mammals put on a stunning performance to officially declare that whale season is now officially underway. These magnificent creatures can grow up to more than 18 m long and weighing up to 100 tons. Their immense bulk makes southern right whales significantly heavier than other whales of similar or greater length such as the Humpback, Gray or Sperm whale.

On the east coast of Australia, Southern Right whales tend to migrate between Cape Byron and Antarctica, but have been seen as far north as Hervey Bay, Queensland. They are slow swimmers usually cruising along at around 3 kilometres per hour “a heck of a long journey at the pace”. If you’re travelling the Ocean Road over the coming weeks, keep your eyes wide open as the whale season is officially open!


The last half of June has been quiet on the “home front” as pre end of finical year shuffling does not tend to involve non-commercial lifestyle assets, and yet on the ground buyer activity has been stronger than what we have seen over recent months and begs the question that many tend to ask – is winter a good time to buy?

There was a great article in the Financial Review last month where it was reported that falling stock levels and auction clearances pushing back towards 70%, and that the Melbourne market may have troughed and that the window for bargain buying may soon be closing. The big take away for me is not that market conditions may be re-aligning, but the knowledge that positive commentary towards the property market tends to be emerging – which is a great thing.


Major news for the development of Lorne’s Point Grey Precinct as last Friday the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee Board agreed to fund the shortfall between the project cost and the allocated budget. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements surrounding the project.


“Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it”.

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