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We have seen the first hints that summer is not far away as the mercury pushed 30 degrees on consecutive days earlier in the week, and it was so great to see. With people returning to the beach, outdoor tables at our leading restaurants full and the first signs of the door being harshly slammed on winter. Over the coming months the influx of visitors will be ever increasing.  I was lucky enough to be one of the outdoor diners on Wednesday evening we couldn’t but not reflect on how good our town was looking and the diversity of what we have on offer across so many different fronts. Our topic for the evening was dining and with Kosta assisting his son Dom at Ipsos front of house, the discussion was as always colourful! As the Talimanidis name further enhances its stranglehold on first class food along the coast with the addition of what will soon be re-branded “Marks”. We are also so fortunate to have MoVida, Mestizo and the Pier all within our same town. Add to this Brae, Captain Moonlight and Yield all within a 30-minute drive and its fair to say that Lorne must rank highly as a food destination.


While the sun has been shining so has the Lorne property market for well-priced stock across all price points, with another three contracts being executed out of Lorne office this week and one other pending with multiple interest engaged in another multiple buyer’s process. The continued reinforcement of our optimism all goes well for the months that lay ahead. Interesting to share that the three properties were all at different price points. One at just under $600,000, the second just under $1.5 million and the third in excess of $2 million.

In talking with a real estate colleague in Geelong its interesting to hear that his market is in a similar pattern to ours, and off the back of the consistently performing Melbourne auction market, summer is looking good!


Our first thirty plus degree day was an absolute beauty and so good to see people venturing back into the ocean not covered in “rubber”. Even one of our team members took a splash – reports from of whom I had spoken were “gee it was refreshing”.


“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better, and I have the power to make it so”.

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