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A huge cup weekend has come and gone outside of the great visitor numbers that descended, rain was equally strong in presence with in excess of an inch ensuring our town will be looking at its finest as we approach our busy periods. I’ve heard great reports from multiple people about such a diverse range of activities that were enjoyed throughout the holiday weekend. Once constant review of the highest calibre, which I was fortunate enough to attend was Dave O’Neil and Kitty Flanagan in their comedy evening at the Lorne View on Saturday evening. For those of you that haven’t experienced Kitty’s humour I strongly urge you to do so. She also has a new book out titled “488 Rules for Life” which is an absolute “side splitter”. Also, excellent feedback from the gin dinner at MoVida, wine tasting at the Angling and Aquatic Club (LAAC) and a huge pool at the Lorne Country Club Calcutta. The long weekend culminated on Cup Day where legendary hospitality at the LAAC never missed a beat and saw non-resident locals, visitors and locals celebrate and enjoy the big day as one!


The weekend rain hindered the aggression of buyers over the past week as most were too busy keeping and studying the race form! We feel confident that things will continue in line with past months as stock numbers on the coast continue to diminish and well-priced property coming onto the market will continue to attract solid interest.

In fact, whilst we bragged about October being a solid month, we are yet to get on the scoreboard for November but rest assured it will be a bit more positive next week. The rain will have subsided, the grass will be greener and I’m sure that contracts written will continue to grow.

Also, interesting to note that as day 1 of summer draws closer that we have a selection of very interesting properties that are scheduled to be auctioned, offered via expression of interest and a couple of outstanding private sale opportunities. We will look to share this with you over the coming weeks.

Kind regards,

Ian Stewart
For and on behalf of the entire Great Ocean Road Real Estate team.


Been a lot of talk over the past 15 years about Point Grey and glad to share that love it, hate it, or just don’t care – the planning application is now on public exhibition.


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is courage to continue that counts!”

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