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Can you believe it? Christmas 2019 done and dusted and before you know it, we will be opening the door to greet 2020! Don’t know about you, but to me it seems like only yesterday that we were entering the new millennium, everyone was panicky about the year 2K bug that was about to destroy cyber space and futurists were forecasting how life would be in 2020 – well we are nearly there!

How’s 2020 going to be for you? What do you plan to do/change or leave the same? Best tip I can give anyone is to plan your time for your greatest asset – yourself! I was to learn this morning of the passing of one of my clients suddenly at his home and on the back of a number of other events in 2019, you never need too much reminding how precious life really is. For those that had rugged times through 2019, I hope the New Year changes your fortunes. If you’re like me and my annual ritual, my 2020 diary is already “locked and loaded” with time for myself and I hope yours is too!


Christmas to New Year is historically one of our quietest transactional months of the year. A time when champagne glasses take precedence over property, while everyone is making the easy adjustment to laid back Lorne life. With one contracted transaction through “Santa’s prime time”, we are all awaiting the extended period of cooling off provisions provided by the holiday periods. On the back of one other negotiated transaction through the period, it hasn’t been totally quiet on the real estate front and continues to build the platform for the months ahead.

Prior to the break we launched two exciting auction campaigns that are scheduled to wind up with Auctions on Australia Day at 12 noon and 2pm respectively.

Check them out for yourself:

  1.  192 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne
  2.  27 Hopetoun Terrace, Lorne

With less than a week remaining of 2019 we hope that 2020 is a great one for you all!

Kind regards,                   

Ian Stewart
For and on behalf of the entire Great Ocean Road Real Estate team


Saturday 28th December
12 – 12:30  27 Hopetoun Terrace, Lorne

Sunday 29th December
1 – 1:30  14 Allen Street, Lorne


If you are coming down to join us make sure you plan your journey as The Falls Festival kicks off tomorrow night and traffic will be at a premium. Allow extra time, be patient and take a long deep breath!


“Next Wednesday is the first blank page of a 366-page book – write a good one!”

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