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Its great to be able to take a deep breath, slow down “just a smidge” and reflect on the January period that was. In talking with other traders and accommodation providers along Mountjoy Parade, there appears to be mixed messages as to how the busiest month of summer panned out. The constant was that the Boxing Day to Pier 2 Pub fortnight was as busy as ever, but the second half of the month “softened” to a greater degree than previous years, and probably understandably. The summer heat wave that was at the forefront of most long-range forecasts didn’t arrive, nor the day trippers, the growing concerns of the Coronavirus halted a number of international travellers and the Australian bush fires were still playing on the minds of many. As I sit here today in Lorne with smoke haze continuing to be driven by the easterly wind pattern, there is an “eeriness” that certainly doesn’t echo the sounds of summer.

The board riders on the point have no doubt enjoyed the past week and hopefully so have our operators of the Lorne Theatre and Live Wire Park whom both offer first class options for cooler weather days! “Never fear, always something to do in Lorne!”


Well, well, well, twelve months is a long time in real estate! Those regular readers of this column will know only two well of the dismal reports that followed the month of January 2019! Seems hard to believe but in what was our worst January in 45 years of trading only twelve months ago, our “vespa riding” young gun was asking us to sponsor him through a “barista course” given the lack of income from sales was a concern to all in the industry. Twelve months on and the scenario is so vastly different and that same potential barista has been tagged a different man. “The seven-million-dollar man!” Or for those that can remember “Steve Austin plus $1m”. Unlike the handsome, athletic astronaut, our new $7 million man is yet to come back to earth following his record breaking $7 million plus sale, but our other hard-working team members produced a great cross section of sales for the month – well done team!


Probably comes as no surprise to a few but a petition will be established in the Legislative Assembly of Victoria over the coming week pleading that the old Fisherman’s Co-Operative building not be demolished. It’s a pity that such sentiment didn’t prevail when the “old pier” was demolished, the cranes, railway tracks and boats removed leaving a dilapidated ad-hoc ugly building as the “last piece standing” of our fishing industry. Hopefully we can portray our past in this very own special precinct in a far more dignified manner for the future years and tell the stories that are so entrenched into Lorne’s past!


“When you love what you have, you have everything you need”.

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