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A huge week of change in the Australian and International landscape over the past week with the Coronavirus “ripple effect” moving down the coast. Following on from the Daniel Andrews Government announcing today that the Australian Grand Prix would not include public participation followed by the Grand Prix organisers formally advising that the event be cancelled.

Ironically, only an hour after this big decision I received a message from the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee cancelling todays community forum at Mantra’s Erskine House in Lorne. Todays event has been cancelled as a precautionary measure in response to novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and we will be advised if and when it is to be rescheduled. A sensible and good move by GORCC made even more understandable by earlier communication from a friend that had tendered his apology given his risk profile to the virus. Just goes to show that as much as we are removed from the risks of what’s sweeping the world, we do need to display caution!


The summer real estate market has been as hot as any period over the past ten years and early autumn has tended to follow the same trends. We are still dealing with a number of sellers who have adjusted their asking prices as a follow on to the feedback they receive through summer and there are still some very attractive buying opportunities on offer. Likewise from a sellers perspective, it is critical to be listening to what the market has to say. Sometimes we don’t like what we hear, but the reality is that something is only worth what somebody is prepared to pay! As we approach the end of the first month of autumn, properties that have been on the market since pre-Christmas have experienced exposure through one of our most active periods in years and need to avoid falling into the trap of “oh we will wait and see what Easter brings”. One of the biggest myths in coastal real estate is that there is a deluge of property sales through the busy Easter period – statistically incorrect! Best advice we can give to sellers being that, if you have someone “on the hook” – don’t let them go.


Saturday 14 March
12 – 12:30   1/26 Hopetoun Terrace, Lorne
1 – 1:30  88 Dorman Street, Lorne


Last weekend was a good example of how to manage your travel movements into Lorne on long weekends, public holidays and warm weather days. The “Harrison Bridge” at Moggs Creek had Lorne bound traffic banked up to Aireys Inlet at various stages through the Long Weekend. The message is simple, through potential busy periods make sure you come into Lorne via the Deans Marsh Road and this route.


“You don’t need to be perfect. Just better than you were yesterday”.

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