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Last week we touched on the initial impact of COVID-19, and today we reflect on how quickly everything has moved over the past week. From messages on hand washing and reinforcement of personal hygiene a week ago to individual country borders closing down around the entire world seven days later. These are times and experiences we haven’t had to deal with before and the world has been “turned on its head”.

Last night it almost seems surreal watching the opening of the AFL season with every seat in the G vacant, very interesting times! But the positive to me is that footy is back on and if one has to spend a bit more time at home, then we are so lucky that the AFL has gone to the measures they have to keep the footy going. For me that was probably the only normal thing, or nearly normal thing, that occurred throughout the week.

With the influx of visitors and non-permanent residents deciding that there is no better place to be self isolating or away from the “big city attitudes”, we locals here on the coast, can only ask that you share the respect and quality values that we have for each other. I was appalled, albeit not surprised, when a friend of mine suggested to a group at Foodworks that they may like to replace ALL the meat they had stripped from the display cabinets back on to the shelves to share with the locals, only to be told to get f@#%ed!


In amongst the turmoil of the past week, many would expect that a lifestyle market might take a holiday, that is of course unless that place is Lorne. Although the market conditions certainly can’t be described as normal, it hasn’t been totally quiet! Through the past week we have completed the sale of the Guilford Bell designed residence at 77-79 Smith Street, Lorne. Having been listed for $5.95 million, it sold for just under its asking price with two parties looking to secure the home. The 43-year-old residence has aged so gracefully and has for many, been such a recognisable Lorne landmark. For the record, this is the second highest price paid for a Lorne residential home! The week was rounded out with the sale of a three bedroom rear unit in the very popular Kalimna development in the mid $900’s and a vacant residential allotment in Kennett River – so with things considered, a steady week!


Saturday 21 March
12 – 12:30   1/26 Hopetoun Terrace, Lorne
1 – 1:30  88 Dorman Street, Lorne


Today we will see a surge of visitors into Lorne with private school breaking for school holidays and a couple ceasing classes because of COVID-19. All that we ask of our visitors, is to abide by the health protocols and not to “panic buy” at our one and only supermarket.


“When someone tells me ‘no’, it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, it simply means I can’t do it with them”.

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