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Needless to say another weird week in Lorne and an Easter period like no other I have experienced. Never would I have thought that we would experience an Easter Saturday where at any given hour there were less than a handful of cars parked in Mountjoy Parade – an amazing sight! And as you can imagine the following days have seen this trend continue with even less traffic in the street.Then yesterday a towering structure poked its head around the corner coming into view from behind Point Grey, and has many locals asking “What the?” It soon circulated across social media that this large ocean structure was Noble John Prosser, an imposing offshore drilling rig. The Singaporean built rig was huge in structure and has the ability to drill to a maximu

m of 35,000 ft. below the ocean floor, and the 490 feet “legs” reached high into sky as the large industrial tug boats towed it to its new location.


No matter what the conditions of life deliver, there is one question that most estate agents are asked on a daily basis – “How’s the market?” Simple uncomplicated answer “four months ago red hot, today COVID-19 affected”. That question alone has today taken on other complications that people have been curious to understand. Can I auction my property, can I have open for inspections and are we able to privately view a home for sale? The answers are very clear, public auctions and open for inspections are prohibited and yes private inspections, under certain circumstances, can be undertaken. What has emerged in our industry is online auction as a sales strategy and “virtual” home inspections in an endeavor to facilitate the continuing transacting of real estate – all with mix successes.

When it comes to private inspections, we can complete these legally if there are no more than two people in the house at any given time. So for us life continues, but our need to adhere to rules has been made very easy given the much smaller sample of enquiry. From a coastal perspective the seasonality of our market has helped “soften the blow” of these very different times!

Kind regards,
Ian Stewart   
For and on behalf of the entire Great Ocean Road Real Estate team             


Mountjoy Parade has never been so deserted, many shops closed, no people, but so good the disciplines shown by those who call Lorne home – permanent or part time!


“Attract what you expect, reflect what you deserve, become what you respect, mirror what you admire”.

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