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As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease so does the re-emergence of many who have been so well disciplined in isolation and face to face discussion with family, friends and clients is welcomed with open arms. I’m sure the volume of zoom meetings will decline but equally will be a major part of the communication process for modern businesses moving forward. Technology has never been so valued as it has over recent months and smart businesses have seen services continue at high standards while many are working from home or remote locations equally efficiently as if sitting in an office. I will be curious to watch the changing processes of “smart businesses” having learnt what can be achieved as people educate themselves to smarter business practices.

As personal contact has been on the increase so have questions, “what have you been up to?” Well its easy, “as busy as ever”, not so much working on our business but working on and with our business and premises. Our Lorne office was turned on its head of recent months, all for the better for when we see you next!


Last week I reported how our sales team members had started to field increased call numbers over recent weeks, and that trend has continued. In our view likely to continue as people “throw the shackles” and look to get out and about – and no better than Lorne to do just that!

If you haven’t heard there is a major campaign to ensure that Lorne is front and centre on the minds of everyone looking to get out and about. Part of this promotion is a two-week campaign on Melbourne’s KIIS 101.1 FM, touted as one of Melbourne radios biggest free giveaways. 50 two-night stays at The Cumberland Lorne, with dinner for two at MoVida and a two person pass at Lorne’s Live Wire Park with over 200 “promos” across the 14-day period and multiple social media platforms carrying the news, Lorne is set to bounce back stronger than ever! Click on the link to catch a glimpse.

Kind regards,                   

Ian Stewart
For and on behalf of the entire Great Ocean Road Real Estate team


Great to see that the concrete has been poured in the Moggs Creek bridge and it appears that construction is progressing to schedule.


“Practice like you have never won, perform like you’ve never lost!”

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