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Last night with my wife and daughter, I was fortunate enough to enjoy another great meal at Ipsos and that probably comes as no surprise. But what did, was the number of people in attendance! Dining early, I booked a 6pm seating and the restaurant was a full “COVID capacity”, and also three tables outside even though it was one of our colder, clearer nights. I was also soon to learn that their second seating from 8pm was also a full house!

Amazing to think that during the middle of the week, middle of winter and local restaurants are still full. The COVID 19 life changing event is also creating a new Lorne when you would least expect population numbers to increase and the months ahead will not doubt crystallise or otherwise, these short-term trends. With August fast looming and noting the entire month doesn’t contain any school holidays or long weekends, it is sure to be the litmus test of Lorne’s population movements.


With this increased sense of people wanting to escape the dense population areas of inner city living and “Collins Street” work plans, the “COVID life changers” market has seen winter demand like never before. Over the past seven days we have recorded a sale a day from all sectors within the market. Of great interest has been that of theses transactions, four of these have been at or above full asking price as multiple buyer interest has arisen with most well priced stock. One might ask how can you sell real estate for an amount over the asking price? As Estate Agents we must never lose sight of the fact that we work for our principal (i.e. the Vendor) and do all we can to achieve the best result possible. When it is revealed that we have multiple interest on a property at a level that a Vendor is prepared to sell, a sales process is created to provide the Vendor with the best possible outcome. During the past week, we have conducted one “in house” boardroom private auction and one “online” zoom private auction. In both cases we exceeded the expectations of our sellers and had under bidders that appreciated the transparency and openness of the process! Needless to say, we have a number of buyers for whom we are actively searching for the right property…


If you didn’t already know, take a drive past Stribling Reserve and you will see the construction fences in place as demolition commences on the old assets in preparation to make way for the new.


“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better, and I have the power to make it so”.


If you want to choose between a swim or a game of golf or tennis, this may well be the home for you. On the back of a price reduction, you must have a look at 29 Belvedere Terrace – check it out…

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