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Probably fair to say that Lorne, like the rest of Victoria will take on a new look from next week as we are under public health directions to wear a face mask for the first time. If you’re like me and this is all new, you might find what I am about to share worthy to note. Upon just receiving notes from a well credentialled former medical practitioner there are a couple of very clear messages. You must be directed to wear your mask BUT masks have an Achilles Heel – a weakness! Medical students and trainee nurses learn this early on, but we don’t have the same long learning curve they had so there are a couple of golden rules:

1. Do not touch your mask – fiddling with your mask, adjusting it, itching it, simply transfers any caught particles bacterial or viral, to your hands. Then your hands become the primary spreader, to you, then to others… vector.

2. Your mask does not replace health and hygiene; indeed, it is the opposite. Masks increase the importance of “washing and sanitising”. DO BOTH. Finally, masks can not be used and re-used. Disposable masks are exactly what they say they are – DISPOSABLE… so if you’re using disposable masks, dispose of them, and not just onto the pavement!

3. Reusable masks are BRIEFLY usable but must be detergent washed at 40 degrees before re-use.

4. Keep several masks and remember do not touch when in use.


The last week of July has seen strong demand for local real estate continue and secure the foundations for what is shaping as our biggest winter selling period. As Victorians “bunker down” for the safety of our communities, the “COVID life changers” have headed for lifestyle markets like never before. Demand has been evenly spread across all market sectors and certainly out-stripped supply which has been the major force behind the firming of prices over recent times.

In early July, the Geelong Advertiser reported that Lorne’s median house price had increased by 91% over the past 5 years to $1,537,500.00. Having just completed our own statistical analysis as imported directly from our sales register which I know is 100% correct the media quoted figure was well qualified, as our numbers revealed a median of $1,525,000.

I have dissected the performance on the Lorne market over the past 12 months and if you would like the summary I am sharing, Please click this link with your request.

Kind regards,
Ian Stewart
For and on behalf of the entire Great Ocean Road Real Estate team


Keep an eye out in Mountjoy Parade over the coming weeks as a new “veranda façade” is set to be put into place on the shops under renovation beside Moons Café.


“Today, I will not stress over things I cannot control”.

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