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I just love speaking with people about their COVID-19 lockdown experiences no matter whether it be stage 3 or 4. While I feel for those that are stuck in Melbourne and as one client described to me yesterday the “walking the dog rush hour” through the last hour of the forced 8pm curfew time, was something that she never thought she would see in her lifetime. And understandably so when I hear stories like this, another nail of reinforcement is hammered into my ongoing and never failing belief of just how good it is, and how lucky we are to be living here in Lorne. Albeit not exposed to the severity of stage 4, the disciplines to which we are exposed still need to be adhered to, but can be done with so much more freedom and enjoyment than those from the “big smoke”.

The service and front line workers we have are just the best and we never go without and the respect held by our community ensures that sharing is a way of life. And one of our “front liners” that I failed to acknowledge last fortnight was Ankur and his team at our local Post Office. Always there, always smiling and the next online purchase or online wine order is in good hands!


You’ve heard me say it before that August is one of the two quietest months of the year and we are now on track where history will repeat itself. After “bursting out of the blocks” in the first week of the month as we completed a number of strong results from July inspections, the August 2 commencement of stage 4 lockdown had us checking phone lines to ensure they were working. With three weeks of incoming silence and online enquiry slowing to a trickle, the past week has been “contract free”, which although not out of character for August, it is totally against the trend of June and July! The same however can’t be said for our Apollo Bay office who have put together seven transactions over the past eight days.

With Spring quickly looming, the coming month is going to be so big in terms of what happens next. Whether it’s the daily COVID-19 testing numbers, the official completion date of lockdown, or extension, the lifting or otherwise of stage 3 in regional Victoria, the next 30 days in my view will open the door, or slam it shut on what’s next!

Kind regards,
Ian Stewart
For and on behalf of the entire Great Ocean Road Real Estate team


You’ve gotta have a look at the latest addition to Mountjoy Parades “eating experience’s” – Captain Hooked! This brand-new eat in/takeaway specialty fish diner is almost ready to throw open its doors, occupying what many of us know as the Arab Building. The fit out is first class and the owner who also has the adjoining Chop-Stix noodle bar is not one to sit still – Good luck Lior and team!


“Learn to accept both compliments and criticism gracefully, it takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow”.

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