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Amongst all of the news of COVID-19 lockdowns and forced lifestyle changes of so many comes the sad news that as from Wednesday’s press release the Falls Festival will no longer be taking place this year. Although organisers had been upbeat all year about the festival proceeding given the current status of things, and with border restrictions showing no immediate signs of lifting, the festival organisers said “it wasn’t possible to hold the Falls Festival in our regular time frame. The plan from here is to work with the government, stakeholders and key agencies to get the Falls back on the calendar”.

The organisers went on to sincerely thank everyone for their continued support over the years and a pledge to the wider “Falls Community” to keep everyone posted as to future announcements – we all wish them well in their future planning.

For those not down here with us, the weather gods have given us a good belting over the past week with just under 4 inches of rain recorded and Thursday nights gale force winds causing a 6 hour power disruption for most of town.

But all in all with only a couple of days left of winter, its my view that as a whole its been one of the milder and more temperate winters of recent years – and with us all grounded its made isolation more than bearable!


There’s an old nursery rhyme that I used to love as a child but I’ve gotta say that as a business owner, I HATE IT!  And for those that remember the hero line goes like this: “Old Mother Hubbard, went to the cupboard, and the cupboard was bare” – well that sums up the Lorne sales activity for the week!

On a positive note its great to hear news that our state leader is looking to create a roadmap to COVID recovery. Irrespective of whether every milestone is reached is somewhat irrelevant compared to the need for a plan. Lets hope that it is delivered sooner than later rather than the Victorian population only hearing that the State of Emergency is being extended for another twelve months.

As we charge towards Spring, a bit as optimism would be just the tonic to put a “spring back in the step” of all Victorians. 


Great to see that the balustrades and railing being erected on the Moggs Creek bridge as the end appears to be in sight. All going well the new structure may be able to greet our Melbourne counterparts as they depart from lockdown – fingers crossed!


“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it”.

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