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As we march into the second week of spring, the extra daylight hours are a welcome addition to the day to enable those still in work to get out and about after a long day, and with the sun rising at just after 6:30am the early risers have been spoilt with the spectacular sun rises on a daily basis. Here in Lorne, just like many other areas of the state, we would normally be welcoming and preparing for our spring and summer guests – but not this year!

The coming months are going to be quite different to past years but even now we don’t really know what lies ahead. Many questions remain unanswered and “people movement” queries are at the front of the queue. I think its safe to say that it is highly unlikely that this pandemic will be totally eroded from Victoria or Australia in the near future and it is now all about how we live with it until a vaccine is created. With the likelihood that regional Victoria’s recovery will be quicker than Melbourne, and a potential easing of restrictions in the planning phase, the coming period is likely to see change. How people embrace this change will be equally as interesting – will you be half glass full or half empty?


Well, spring has finally delivered its first set of completed negotiations, contracts executed and the countdown for cooling off and finance conditions underway. In one of the above instances we have contracted the residence “site unseen”, well almost! A representative of the buyer checked the property for the client who lived in the restricted Melbourne area unable to get to Lorne. This is the second such example of this over the past month and a pretty fair indicator to us that the local market is well poised to turn back on just as quick as it turned off – but then again for those of you who follow my blogs, I don’t have to tell you I am a half glass full person – bring it on!

As our Melbourne colleagues are frustrated by the inability to conduct real estate inspections of sale properties under any circumstances, we are still fortunate that private viewings can be completed by clients in regional areas, even if its on behalf of a “locked down Melbourne buyer”.

The moral of this story is that if you are in the market for your coastal lifestyle asset don’t let COVID stop you!

Kind regards,
Ian Stewart
For and on behalf of the entire Great Ocean Road Real Estate team


With school holidays fast approaching we are all sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation of level 3 restrictions in regional Victoria easing to allow movement and greater freedom around Lorne and Victoria – fingers crossed!


“Forget the mistake. Remember the lesson”.

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