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The Victorian Premier’s announcements last Sunday were the first positive signs that we have seen and the first glimmers of hope and optimism provided by our leaders, with the “walls coming down” for Regional Victorians the enquiry levels for holiday accommodation around the coast have gone through the roof. After months of non-activity, it’s great to see the journey to return to full business operations underway. Most of Lorne will be fully open for business from this weekend, as we start to progress back to some sort of “COVID normal”. Our restaurants, coffee shops and retail outlets all have their front doors wide open and are looking to welcome back all our regional visitors with open arms. Live Wire Park also re-opens its gates for the first time this weekend as the business people of Lorne proactively work together and welcome visitors to Lorne with a smile.

As long as we are all vigilant with our social distancing and hygiene practices, there are no reasons that we can’t continue to be “COVID free”, but with a taste of normality back in lives.


Now that the pathway to recovery has been set, the 64 million dollar question is what will happen in the local real estate market? We hold a very optimistic view that the market will return just as strongly as when it turned off at the commencement of the Melbourne lockdown. There are a number of reasons for our optimism, whether it be properties that we have sold sight unseen, the request for a virtual or face to face inspection, or a third party regional Victorian looking to inspect on behalf of their Melbourne counterpart, these are all very strong indicators that the market will be solid. Whether it be known as “Sea Change 2” or “COVID life changers”, we are already experiencing demand from clients whose mind has been made up that permanent city living is no longer on the agenda, and who can blame them! What many are now aspiring to is a way of life that we Lorne locals have been enjoying for years!

Add to this, the five contracted transactions over the past week out of the Lorne office, subject to conditional and cooling off periods and I think the optimism we hold is well founded!


With regional Victoria moving into the next phase of the easing of Coronavirus restrictions, it’s great to see Mountjoy Parade “awakening” to service our regional visitors. With social distancing, mask wearing and hygiene requirements still paramount; our local facilities will have limited vacancies, so make sure you book!


“Dreams don’t work unless you do”.

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