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With school holidays underway and regional visitors and holiday home owners looking to take advantage of the easing regional COVID-19 restrictions we are experiencing a real holiday atmosphere in Mountjoy Parade. Outdoor dining tables are full again, the Foreshore full of colour and surprisingly many enjoying the ocean for the first time. Our local kids returned to Stribling Reserve on Monday evening to continue building their soccer skills. Lorne golfers returned to playing in groups of 4, tennis to doubles and the famous Lorne Aquatic and Angling Club pulling cold beer again. If we all remain vigilant to disciplines of social distancing and good hygiene practices there is no reason, we can’t continue to expediate the road back to a more “COVID normal” – fingers crossed!

Many of you won’t know that our local Councillor Clive Goldsworthy has formally stepped down as our local representative after 8 years of representing the Lorne Ward. Clive’s input and commitment to the office of Councillor were huge and greatly appreciated by all of Lorne – thanks Clive!


I love to read the commentary around real estate markets around the country that have similar characteristics to here in Lorne. Lifestyle markets around the entire country have been performing very well and permanent rental properties in these areas have also experienced strong demand and rising rental prices. The trend is clear that a large portion of our population are looking to make lifestyle changes and coastal areas are firming in the sights of those looking to make the change, and we are experiencing that here in Lorne.

There is strong demand for property that has been keenly priced resulting in many instances of multiple interest in the same property. In fact, as I pen this blog two of my colleagues are in a meeting room conducting a zoom auction for a property that was being offered “off market”.

Demand has been constant across all sectors, from small acreage at Boonah-Bambra, holiday cottages in Pennyroyal and houses without views in Lorne!


Final balustrades went into the Moggs Creek bridge yesterday and its all but done. A little late but its looking great!


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.

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