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The words on everyone’s lips is “when is Melbourne coming out of lockdown?” and the sixty four-million-dollar question is likely to be answered on the 19th of this month when Danial Andrews is scheduled to deliver his update on the journey to the next steps of coming out of COVID-19. I was in a community meeting yesterday and it was great to hear that not only is Lorne free from any active cases but so is the entire G21 region. Our local health workers have been doing an amazing job over the past six months as we continue to experience the professionalism of our local expanded health service.
We learnt yesterday that when traces of the virus were found in the Apollo Bay sewerage system emerging protocols were put into place, a “pop up” COVID testing station emerged and health staff were on full alert the moment concern was announced. The learning from within the Great Ocean Road Health around this event made our team even more proficient should the same circumstance arise in our catchment area!


Real Estate markets around Australia, whether it be sales or rentals, have produced tales of two halves. Regional and lifestyle areas going gang busters while bigger cities not so much. Whether it be the COVID life changers (sea change 2) looking to buy or rent, the former areas have seen real estate demand across all sectors going through the roof. The numbers at our local school are at a decade highs and year round “retail and service” business reporting numbers like never before.
With three contracted transactions in excess of a million dollars over the past week (one just under three million), the local market has never been hotter. A great illustration was a zoom auction that was conducted during the week for a property that hadn’t yet been marketed to the general public. The property sold online for in excess of $100,000 above its intended asking price – a massive result! Results like these are the outcome of sellers being guided by their agents as to where likely market value sits and heading the advice and attracting broader market interest. Have trust in your agent!

Talking of agents, we have one special member who will do anything to complete a sale – even empty an attic!


Great to see the foundations and footings being shaped ready for a concrete pour at Stribling Reserve. The preparation work is all but complete for the commencement of works on the Netball Pavilion.


 “Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value”.

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