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We all thought that last week was going to be big on the coast but I don’t believe anyone would have predicted the enormous influx of visitors that we experienced and I think you’ll find that this was only an entrée of things to come. It’s hard not to argue that our region is not looking as good as it ever has, nor offered a better selection of culinary experiences and recreational activities for residents and visitors alike and it’s going to get even better. During the past week the State Government announced a $44 million funding injection in next Tuesday’s State Budget to continue to enhance its reputation as not only one of the world’s great driving experiences, but also to make it a major hiking destination. The State Government has revealed it will keep building the Great Ocean Road coastal trail from Fairhaven to Grey River. It will provide never before seen views of the Great Ocean Road and its surrounding coastal and hinterland landscapes with five swing bridges and updated facilities.

UP Regional and lifestyle real estate markets continue to show strength like never before. Demand in these areas is at an absolute premium and with purchasers outnumbering sellers, there have been some exciting results achieved. The biggest difficulty faced by any agent in securing the business of a potential seller is to create a strategy that gives the seller the very best opportunity to secure the highest possible price. It is a very fine line in between getting this number as opposed to reaching too high, only to see the property sit on the market for months, and in some cases even years. It is so good when you work in a team of experienced local agents where you can bounce opinions off each other and tap into each other’s client bases to gather feedback from buyers. If you would like to know specifically more as to what’s happening in our Lorne market, there’s no better time to be speaking with one of our team than right now!
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For and on behalf of the entire Great Ocean Road Real Estate team

Another great restaurant is gearing up to open in mid-December. Coda from Melbourne is making a journey to the coast and will open at The View at the top of the Lorne Hotel. Keep an eye out and remember for all of our local restaurants you are going to need to book.

“There are only two ways to live. One is though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle”.

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