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Over the past weeks I have been sharing how busy the coast is and in particular how busy Lorne has been. This morning I was in the main street of Sorrento and I’ve gotta say that they were also bursting at the seams. With huge numbers out and about, a sprinkling of schoolies and the trends that are being shared are wide spread across most leisure and lifestyle regions, and Sorrento was no exception.

Not being able to help myself I dropped in on a real estate colleague whom I know, to see if their market was experiencing the same high’s that we have seen. It came as no shock to learn, as it always seems to parallel Lorne, that their real estate market is red hot. Demand is outstripping supply; multiple interest is experienced on most properties and zoom auctions are more the norm than exception. The forecast is for the strength to continue and our leisure markets remain strong. 


Another strong week on the local real estate scene with buyers continuing to want to secure their regional piece of paradise. With stock levels continually under pressure, prices are likely to continue to rise under continuing strength of demand. With a number of negotiations underway, the first week of Summer has commenced as strongly as what Spring finished.

I’m glad to be able to report that over the coming weeks you will see a sprinkling of new listings hitting the market with some exciting new stock to enter the market place – stay tuned.

The stand out sale of the week was the Rob Mills designed “Ocean House” which was being offered under an expression of interest campaign in the range of $3.65 to $4 million. In creating competition for the residence amongst two buyers new to the Lorne market, we can report selling the property for in excess of 20% of the quoted range.

Kind regards,
Ian Stewart
For and on behalf of the entire Great Ocean Road Real Estate team


Last week I shared the news of the new Jetty Road Boutique Brewery making a new home in the former Cuda Bar premises. Todays news is that this weekend they will have their doors open for the first time.


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