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Those regular readers of this column will know that Lorne has been so lucky over the generations to have the exclusive use of the Allen Dam as our sole water source. It was good to hear during the week that construction works on our local reservoir over the next six months will increase the dam’s flood level capacity of the concrete spillway and upgrading the reservoir embankment to better align with current engineering standards. These improvements will ensure the reservoir can cope in extreme weather conditions, particularly during flood times.

Residents may notice increased construction vehicles and workers in the area, particularly between now and Christmas. Truck routes will run along Otway Street and will operate Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm.


As the late spring sunshine still continues to be a strong reminder of the pending summer and records set to be broken with the number of consecutive high temperature days in November, the Lorne property market is following the same trend.

A solid week on the Lorne front and especially in the lower to mid-price ranges with five transactions being written for the week.  At entry point a shed in the Industrial Estate changed hands for just over $300,000, houses on Polwarth Road & Otway Street and two Chalet apartments in Smith Street all selling between $700,000 and $800,000. Add to this the superb home at 7 Waverley Avenue selling at just under $1.5 million and the signs continue to be strong for the summer months ahead.

Although our upper middle to upper sector of the market has been a bit slower getting going we are confident that this will change as “market creep” becomes a natural progression.


Anyone see the social media photo of the 2.5 to 3m shark at the Lorne Pier last weekend? I was working in Melbourne on Wednesday and a client said to me “ah that’s bad news for Lorne”. Sorry!! These large creatures call the ocean home and always have done and have been part of our seascape since Lorne was founded.


“Good times become memories and bad times become good lessons”.

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