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During the past week we were successful in completing the final negotiation on the sixth auction we conducted over the Australia Day long weekend. That concludes our end of January auction campaign with 100% success rate and a range of very happy purchasers and vendors. It reinforces the benefits and strengths of the auction system especially for a vendor who wants a result. There is one thing for certain about the auction system and that is it remains the most intensive sale method for the most crucial period that a property is on the market – the first 60 days. Furthermore, at the end of the process, love it, hate it, or otherwise, you are going to know what the market is prepared to pay. It has been interesting to follow that although not with the same volumes, other agencies around the coast have also had success with auction through the summer period.


Probably fair to say that the Lorne market has taken a bit of a deep breath over the past week after a strong robust December and January period. But in saying that our team has worked together to complete three transactions for the week which continues to be encouraging for the year ahead. The sale of the immaculately kept and maintained residence at 5/12 Lascelles Terrace for just under $900,000 was a great result, and the sale of the second of the four Tradewinds Avenue allotments igniting interest in the last remaining two. But the stand out for the week was the Wye River residence which was contracted for in excess of a million dollars and continues to reinforce the growing confidence in this beautiful part of the world that was rocked so hard by the 2015 Christmas fires.


I was very interested to learn through the week that the large Lorne medical conference held in Lorne each year is made up of five “micro conferences” whom all descend on Lorne from all parts of the world. One of these, Protein Structure and Function are holding their 43rd consecutive conference in our town.


“If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness”.

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