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As the school holidays come to an end its been a great opportunity to reflect on what has been an enormous Easter vacation in Lorne, highlighted by a diverse selection of sporting events, markets, arts and culture offerings. And for us there was one common thread across nearly every Easter event – and that was the support given by Great Ocean Road Real Estate – and here’s a snap shot.

  1. Lorne Sculpture Biennale – Major sponsor
  2. Lorne Lions Club Easter Art Show – Major Sponsor
  3. Lorne Football and Netball Club Easter Saturday blockbuster – Major Sponsor
  4. Lorne Country Club Good Friday Ambrose tournament – Major Sponsor

And these contributions were just through Easter vacation!

We have always taken great pride giving back to the community that so loyally supports us. We are lucky to have a great team of people who all in their own unique way make solid contributions to the operations of our company and it is our people who play such a large role in making our contributions back to the area we live and love possible!


Real Estate demand has continued to be strong as visitors to the coast have continued to be solid in numbers. This continued strength has seen the pendulum swing from what was a clearly a “buyers market” only two years ago to what can now be described as a “sellers market”. Real Estate in any market place has always been at the mercy of supply and demand and Lorne is no different. For the first time since prior to the Global Financial Crisis demand has begun to outstrip supply and it is interesting to dissect our stock list as to what’s currently on the market. Only five residential houses listed for private sale under a million dollars, another six between $1 million and $1.5 million and only three between $1.5 million and $ 2 million – only fourteen residences on the market under $2 million! It was less than five years ago that we had just over 80 – its no wonder prices have been firming of recent times.

These market conditions need to be front and centre in the thought process of perspective sellers. When demand was low and supply strong, we were guiding sellers to focus their campaigns to the summer months, but as market conditions have changed, so has the need for a seller to be so reliant on the traditional high turnover months. If selling is on your mind talk with one of our team members who can expose you to one of the many buyers who are still searching for what they are after!


Road works along the Great Ocean Road have been in full swing and in some instances travel times have been effected and the road closed at Mount Defiance. Check mobile digital road signs for details on your journey.


“Just because your past may have been perfect, doesn’t mean that your future can’t be amazing”.

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