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We were exposed to some interesting data during the week on the make-up of our town and the breakdown of the rateable properties within town. Interesting that there are 2,389 rated residential properties in Lorne of which only 97 of these are vacant allotments. Furthermore, there are 184 commercial/industrial rated properties, 4 farm rated and 88 non-rateable.

Of the 2016 rated residential properties 1,489 are dwellings and 527 are units/apartments. Add to this the knowledge that the 184 rated commercial/industrial type properties, 71 are accommodation type, 88 are commercial type and 25 are industrial type.


As we approach the last week of autumn and winter looms, our market traditionally experiences cooler demand also, but what is interesting this year is that with such limited stock numbers we are forecasting that the coming months won’t be as “bleak” as some from years past.

But what we do this time of year is to manage the time of our team with holiday leave and training for those that aspire for improvement. This weekend we have seven of our sales team heading to the Gold Coast for the 2018 Australian Real Estate Conference, where approximately 5,000 estate agents come together from across Australia to listen to some of the best real estate coaches from around the world. The conference also showcases Australia’s biggest “Trade Show” of the latest and most innovative real estate “aids and promotional equipment” currently in existence which we all look forward to sharing on our return.


Last weekend over 7,500 runners descended onto the coast for the Great Ocean Road Running Festival – an event that continues to grow and in fact has more participants than the Pier to Pub swim. And yes, Great Ocean Road Real Estate is a proud supporter of the program.


“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe”.


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