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I’ve spend my entire life growing up and loving Lorne and its probably fair to say that I hold within a fair bit of bias and passion toward the town I have been lucky enough to enjoy since birth. Just as the four generations of Stewarts before myself in Lorne, have also lived and breathed the beauty of our region, as one has been lucky enough to explore other parts of the world, the charm of Lorne continues to be reinforced to even greater levels.

Having been involved for a whole decade in local groups that have been pondering the opportunities that have presented with our Point Grey Precinct, I am convinced that the pristine natural environment will continue to, and always be the “hero” of the location. There have been numerous mummerings of various man-made attractions including underwater viewing areas, aquariums and can you believe a Ferris Wheel!

We have so much local history around fishing, logging and early tourism and a multitude of world class walking tracks and if in some way we could present an even more special environment combining and presenting our unique history and amazing environment, Lorne would be the winner!


After last weeks flurry of unseasonal activity, the past seven days have been a little more like the norm for this time of year and a great time to take stock of where the market sits and what the future is likely to bring. If you listen to national media at the moment you will hear the reports that the major residential markets of Sydney and Melbourne are experiencing a softening of prices for the first time in almost a decade and a number of other regional markets following a similar trend. But we are still seeing markets like Geelong and the Surf Coast continuing to produce great numbers week in, week out with no sign of slowing. So logically people interested in Lorne want to know how the market is performing on the Great Ocean Road, the answer is simple – its hot, damn hot!


Saturday 28th July

12 – 12:30pm  24 Grand Parade, Lorne

Sunday 29th July

12 – 12:30pm  15 Deans Marsh Road, Lorne


Have you seen the latest Mazda advertisement on television? Keep an eye out for a couple of great images of the Great Ocean Road and what in my opinion is the “hero pic” – the new Mazda from above sitting at the end of the Lorne Pier!


“Those that say it can’t be done, should not interrupt those doing it”.

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