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August! Never a month of much at all really, school holidays are well behind us, no upcoming long weekends but we can still extract one large positive – it is the last month of winter and spring is all but knocking on the door!

It’s a time of the year when our team schedule leave and embark on new and refreshed learning experiences. Yesterday we had a session with our realestate.com.au account manager which reinforced a number of pertinent industry statistics and the one that rang loudest was the knowledge that just over 70% of property searches are actively pursuing their interest via mobile site. Internet savvy agents will be looking to ensure that online marketing best fits the medium from which the majority of enquiry is derived – speak to one of our agents to find out more.

Another interesting discussion was around the “consumer expectation” for a response to an email request. Well according to a recent 2018 study by mycustomer.com, the average company takes 12 hours and 10 minutes to respond to an email. According to the same site, a one-hour response time will meet the expectations of 89% of your customers. Companies aiming for world class customer service should respond within 15 minutes or less?


The last half of July certainly didn’t perform to the same levels of the first half of the month but still placed us ahead of our targets, after month one of the new financial year. Again, our business model has served us well with Lorne providing an electric start to the month and our Apollo Bay office rounding off the month with strength. The market on the entire coastline has continued to be strong with demand continuing to outstrip supply resulting in strong sales figures and properties that have been on the market for some time all of a sudden changing hands.

Lorne average house price increased to $1,273,846 which was just under a 5% increase from the average stat twelve months ago. Fair to say that we may have expected a slightly higher number but there is a clear reason why not, 2016-2017 saw two transactions well above $3 million and through 2017-18 there were none.

In this instance the medium house price of $1,275,000 was more indicative and the 105% increase from 2016-17 a more realistic result as to how our market finished the year.


Saturday 4th August

12 – 12:30  13 Clissold Street, Lorne

12 – 12:30  5 Aurel Road, Deans Marsh

Sunday 5th August

12 – 12:30 15 Deans Marsh Road, Lorne


You may not be aware but Lorne’s Allen Dam is the sole source of Lorne’s water supply and having undergone major works earlier in the year that depleted water levels to below 60% in late April. Never to fear as Lorne’s winter never fails to deliver and with a wet June and July the Allen Dam has quickly returned to 100% capacity.


“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”.

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