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‘Lorne – Market Round up’. School holidays are coming to a close almost as quickly as they began as the coastal corridor has been alive with people out enjoying the vacation fortnight. Astute buyers have proactively scoured the coast in search of where does the value lie. It has become very noticeable over recent months, more than ever before, that a buyer will deal with different team members of our company over multiple locations searching for that value purchase. In a more stable and a growing market buyers have traditionally just focused on the location of their choice alone. This is no longer being the case it is more and more important that your asset is priced as close as possible to the likely market value it simply will not even be on a purchasers shopping list!

‘Lorne – Weekly report’. With people have come the whales, and plenty of them, with the most spectacular being last Saturday morning with two of the marvelous mammals frolicking behind the break in front of the Lorne Surf Club – fantastic early morning sight beneath cloudless winter skies. Only one contracted deal for the week but no shortage of work for the team as value seekers are out in reasonable numbers and need to be skillfully nurtured to the process of negotiation. Stay tuned as I forecast the outcomes of the next 30 days to be better than the past 30 on the back of the leg work of the team through the school holidays.

The mighty Dolphins welcomed the support of many at the Stribling Reserve last Saturday to record a thrilling draw against league leaders Forrest, while our reserve footballers and netballers all took the point – Great effort Lorne.

Open Houses

Saturday 14th

12 – 12.30pm 30 Grand Parade Lorne

12 – 12.30pm 220 Birregurra Road Birregurra

1 – 1.30pm 18/2 – 10 Ocean Road South Lorne

1 – 1.30pm 6 Jenner Street Birregurra

2 – 2.30pm 610 Pennyroyal Valley Road Pennyroyal

Sunday 15th

12 – 12.30pm 30 Grand Parade Lorne


‘Lorne – No better place in the world’.

‘Lorne – You must have a look at this’. When you’re on the coast make sure you check at the Tourist information Centres of Anglesea, Lorne or Apollo Bay. A light blue flag with a whale enblem will be displayed should there be whales on the coast that day – call in and ask the friendly staff for more info if you need.

‘Lorne – Great Local Slang”. Bumping ya gums “Talking to much”

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