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‘Lorne – Market Round up’

The 2012 Melbourne Cup has been run and won and

place between $595,000 and $800,000 where traditionally opportunities in this market segment were limited. With the average house price of Lorne at $1,036,000 as of June 30 this year, these buying opportunities won’t be around for too long.
It is arguable that there has never been a better time to purchase in Lorne than right now!

‘Lorne – You must have a look at this’

With the recent sale of 75 Charles Street at just over $1.2 million, the neighboring property at number 77 on an allotment boasting almost twice the land area is representing excellent value at $1,075,000.
Check it out at

‘Lorne – Quote of the week’

“Crooked as a dogs hind leg” – Not the type of person to trust.

Wunder Der Schwangerschaft ™

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