Our Backyard – Lorne

Indian Summer

Lorne continues to enjoy an extended period of “summer like” weather. Another long weekend saw the coast swell with numbers and enjoy this magical time of year.

The next two weekends will provide you a more relaxed experience before the Great Ocean Road Marathon on the 14/15th May and Queens Birthday weekend a month later.

Go to www.greatoceanroadholidays.com.au  to select a fantastic holiday home at an “off peak” rate.

New Listings

There are no new listings to report this week.  If you are seriously looking to purchase a beach home over the next three months I urge you to contact our sales team to describe your requirements/needs/wants.

We constantly appraise houses and have the ability to sell property without actual marketing.



5 Richardson Boulevard


Saturday 30th

12.00 – 12.30     57 Hall Street                     Lorne

Sunday May 1st

12.00 – 12.30     1/3-9 Armytage Street        Lorne

Have a great weekend


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