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I was recently exposed to a snap shot of the Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2018 that revealed some fascinating data about this years event that I wanted to share. Over the two week period 60,000 people visited the display of which 66% were female and 34% male. The event attracted more of the older age groups, 40% of visitors being 65+, 30% 55-64 years and 13% 45 to 54.

Of the total number of visitors 49% had been before, 22% came specifically for the Biennale and 23% were here for the very first time. Melbourne Metro provided 49% of the visitors, Surf Coast region and Geelong region 10% and 16% respectively and the average spend in town was $163 per person – a great event for Lorne!


As we say hello to winter, its warming to know that the coastal market hasn’t totally turned ugly in the same way as the weather. Across our team we are dealing with some solid real estate enquiry right now and at a time when you don’t normally expect the level of demand. It will be an interesting fortnight of winter and I look forward to being able to share these completed negotiations with you over the coming weeks.

This unseasonal activity is brought about mainly as a result of the limited buying opportunities that currently exist in Lorne. On our books at the moment we only have fifteen houses for sale – three under $ 1 million, four between $1 and $1.5 million, another three between $1.5 and $2 million and five above $2 million, so its no wonder demand is outstripping supply.


Its been a relatively quiet month in town but then again that’s to be expected and as most traders will tell you May, along with August, is one of the two quietest months of the year – why you might ask? It took me a while to work it out but then I realised these two months are the only ones in twelve that don’t have a long weekend or a school holiday break!


“If you felt down yesterday, stand up today”.

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