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The Queens Birthday weekend is upon us before we’ve had a chance to slow and amazingly one of our two quietest months (May) has now passed and at the end of this month its on the downhill till Christmas – can you believe it? This weekend in Lorne it will be interesting to see what sort of numbers we get on the coast as our high-country neighbours are set to experience their best opening weekend snow conditions of the past 20 years. With foreshore markets, all major restaurants now open and a pretty good weather pattern predicted until deep into the weekend, I’m sure our visitor numbers will continue to be strong. If you’re out and about make sure you visit the exhibition put on by the Lorne Historical Society in the former Fisherman’s Co-operative building.


Along with fellow team members, we have just returned from the Australian Real Estate Convention (AREC) 2019. A ‘coming together’ of estate agents from all parts of Australia and New Zealand and always enlightening to get a broader perspective on how the market is performing outside of the one we intimately know. Probably comes as no surprise, but there was a definite shift across almost all of those in attendance and those who presented the general market conditions have seen the sellers’ market prevail no longer and buyers now in a stronger position than they were of recent times. But one message was very clear and that being the agents that can clearly convey this message to their sellers and those that price the property appropriately will be the ones that transact – probably no surprise but always difficult to digest, especially when you are the seller. The message was clear “if you are on the market, you need to be in the market”.


Saturday 8th June

12 – 12:30  3/11 Staughton Ave, Lorne


A month ago, we were all saying how dry it was and how much we needed rain, well a month and sentiment quickly shifted to “gee, its cold” and “hasn’t it been wet”. The sudden turn of weather has taken its first victim with the need to suspend all works at Stribling Reserve lighting and scoreboard project until spring. The continuous rain has led to the difficult decision to put all works on hold in order to preserve the surface of the ground.


“If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit”.

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