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Happy New Financial Year! Hard to believe we are now over the “hump” of 2019 and just over 170 days until Christmas. As we roll into the second half of the year and the days start to get longer, there’s still so much to do when you are on the coast. With the calm weather days, we have been experiencing through the school holidays, numbers in Lorne have been above expectation and many out and about loving winter on the coast. This year, more than others we can boast that all of our restaurants are open for business, Lorne Theatre screening, whales almost daily attraction, Live Wire Park “going off” and Lorne’s beach and bush walks open spaces that are so very private.

For those wanting a bit more social interaction head to the Stribling Reserve on Saturday where our local netballers and footballers take on South Colac. In the main football game at 2:15 pm it is a “top of the table” clash as the second place Lorne Dolphins look to bounce back from their 1-point loss last week to arch rivals Apollo Bay.

Whatever your interests there is no better place to be!


It’s always good to embark on a new financial year with some stability and clean direction and we feel that’s exactly the landscape we currently enjoy. The Liberal Governments clearly in power and a good internal “clean up” stability regulations for leadership in place, real estate commentators sharing the same theme that the market has “troughed”, banks easing their regulations and Reserve Bank interest rate at a record low of 1%. Surely, even the most pessimistic investor would have to be close to the thought that now is a good time to buy!

Albeit, seasonally it is a quieter time for our coastal lifestyle markets, we have at least started to see more “spring in the step” of the buyers with whom we are dealing. We are currently involved in a couple of very promising negotiations that all going well, will progress to contract over the coming days. If we can close what we are currently working on, I will be able to report that July was more prosperous than January – and that would be an amazing “blimp” on our historical data! Stay tuned.


You may not realise but Lorne Film returns to Lorne Friday July 26 and features a three day celebration of independent Australian Film for the people who make, watch and love Australian film. For ticketing and full program for the weekend go to www.lornefilm.com


“Either you run the day or the day runs you”.

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