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Winter is well and truly upon us and locally there is never a better day out than at the local footy. On Saturday the Lorne Netball and Football Club will host Alvie, for what will be a tough day as both sides look to consolidate their top five positions. Lorne’s senior footballers have been building a successful season and currently sit second on the ladder and need to defeat the third placed Alvie to guarantee the double chance and still hold a slight chance of taking out the minor premiership. With a stable winter’s day forecasted, head up to Stribling Reserve for a great day of country sport and check out the new electronic scoreboard – arguably the best in regional Victoria.

With all our restaurants open for business and day time activities taken care of, its not too hard to enjoy a winter weekend in Lorne!


As we continue to analyse the statistical information of Lorne’s 2018/19 market performance our numbers have confirmed many of our earlier forecasts. The second half of the period was certainly slower than the first but we always held the belief that our prices were firming. I look to stress that the numbers I quote are those from our sales register and when comparisons are made, they are done so to the same methods of the last 30 years. This year’s average price rolled out at a massive $1,498,069.63 and our first response was how could this be? When we dug deeper, I can report that the sample level was extremely low and we had two transactions in excess of $4 million. Even if you look at the record-breaking sale at 104 Smith Street at just under $5 million, the average would have been $1.387 million and without both $4 million plus sales, $1.299 million which is still a large increase on the 17/18 average home price. There will be some that say that these sales distort the numbers, and that’s true to a degree, but each year there are good and average results and for 30 plus years all sales have been included. For those who continue to doubt and the “purists” the median price is always a sobering comparison. This years median $1,231,444 was still close to $1,275,000 at the end of 2017/18.

The new financial year continues to see a “spring in the step” of buyers but with the seasonally fewer numbers we are dealing with, the real pulse of our market will not be felt until spring and summer. A great result of the past week has been the sale of 18 Lorne Avenue in the range of $1.4 to $1.5 million.


With school holidays over and winter in full swing visitor numbers have slowed somewhat but its such a good time of the year to be in Lorne.


“Success doesn’t just come and find you; you have to go out and get it”.

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