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Lorne Football and Netball Club won the senior premiership in the Colac and District Football League to secure back to back senior pennants for the C.D.F.N.L’s most successful club on a day where football conditions can best be described as atrocious. The Dolphins put together their best four quarter performance of the season to demolish South Colac in the last game of the year. Congratulations to all associated with the Lorne Football and Netball Club on another outstanding season both on and off the field.

As the celebrations began to subside, there was also a lot of interest on the ocean late on Wednesday as HMAS Melbourne cruised along the Great Ocean Road coastline on her final cruise before being decommissioned. The Grande Dame of the Navy and one of our oldest warships having been part of the Australian Navy since 1992 is a 183 m Guided Missile Frigate having covered almost 800,000 nautical miles since being commissioned. Her journey past Lorne was part of her last visit to Melbourne in preparation for being decommissioned from the Navy on the 26th of October.


As the days get longer, the mercury begins to rise and the Lorne bound traffic on the Great Ocean Road begins to increase we know that winter is behind us and real estate enquiry is on the up, and what is interesting is how all markets are so different. You’ve heard over recent weeks how I’ve been reporting on the strong activity in the Apollo Bay market and rising auction clearance rates in Melbourne. While the Bay continues the trend I was in discussion yesterday with one of the Principals of a leading Geelong real estate franchise to learn that the Geelong market, also continues on a high, and like our coastline, stock numbers are also under pressure. Again, the pointers for a strengthening local market all continue to gather strength as the economic forces of supply and demand are sure to dictate the outcomes in the local real estate landscape.

With only two of the fifteen residences remaining in the Oceania development, construction is in full swing and established floor levels revealing ocean and coastal views that even those that purchased prior to commencement have been excited by the outcomes. I feel sure that these last remaining two will be at the forefront of the “spring surge” of enquiry, so make sure you drive past and have a look.


Saturday 14th September

12 – 12:30 2/9 Stirling Street, Lorne


Last Saturday when Lorne won the Colac and District Football League senior premiership, they also now stand alone as having won the most premiership wins in the competition with 13. The Lorne Club is now clearly ahead of both the Alvie and Colac Imperials Football Club who have both won 12 premierships.


“The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about”.

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