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As the students returned to schools and visitors numbers surrendered to a bit more normality, it is a great time to reflect on how good our local Festival of Performing Arts really was. Last Friday night with a group of friends I attended the dinner show under the title “Faulty Towers” at the newly refurbished Lorne Country Club. Unbeknown to myself at the time was the famous British television sitcom broadcast in 1975 and 1979 only ever stretched to two series of six episodes each. Basil and Sybil Faulty combined brilliantly with Manuel, turned back the clock and had the sell out crowd in stitches.

The cast played so brilliantly the array of Faulty Towers “blunders” from attendees finding false teeth in their soup after guests were told to stop eating, to Manuel’s inability to grasp the English language. The latter, failing to manage his interpretation of the language barrier, seeing him physically “rolling on a plate on the floor” rather than “placing a roll on a plate”. There were many other antics that ignited the memories of the past – they were simply brilliant.


I love to read commentary around the country of the varied and so different real estate markets around Australia, they tell so many different stories. Take for example the Melbourne property market – 12 months in the doldrums with auction clearance rates below 50% and last weekend a clearance rate of just under 80% – what a turnaround!

But then again, our coastal market also has a trend all of its own, and its “ups and downs” never really cease to amaze. From commentary earlier in the year where I reported our quietest January in the history of our company to the past seven days where we have transacted no less than five deals.

We still have a long way to go to recover the ground we had lost over recent times, but I feel confident our ongoing optimism is gathering momentum.


Saturday 12 October 11am – 12pm  3 Anderson Court, Lorne


You will notice that the unsightly, out of character shelter that appeared at the skate park is now gone and the uninterrupted eye-catching panoramic view has once more appeared. Passion for what you believe in is more often than not rewarded if you are prepared to persist.


“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye”.

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